A Day in the Life of a Responsible Person (RP)

Additionally, the new requirements for a Responsible Person for import (RPi) after the 1st Jan 2021

Name: Chloe Child

Job Title: Responsible Person

Describe your role: I am an MHRA registered Responsible Person (RP). The Human Medicines Regulation 2012 requires holders of a wholesale dealer’s licence to designate a Responsible Person. As a named RP, I play a vital part in ensuring the quality and the integrity of medicinal products are maintained throughout the distribution chain and ensure Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines are complied with.

What challenges do you face in in your role? Currently, the main challenge I face is travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The travel restrictions in place have resulted in a shift from on-site audits to desktop and remote auditing. MHRA guidance, on GDP flexibilities for medicines during the Covid-19 outbreak, has helped with this considerably. This challenge is not isolated to industry; with licensing authorities also needing to conduct routine inspections. We hosted an MHRA inspection remotely, which was a new experience for the whole team.

Responsible Person, Chloe Child (standing) at the Barnstaple office

How will the RPi role differ? In addition to the normal RP role, the RPi will be responsible for implementing a system to confirm that the required QP certification has taken place. EU QP certification is required for products that have been imported into Great Britain from countries on an approved country for import list. The RPi is also responsible for supply chain security; ensuring that the product is not the subject of a recall, or reported as stolen, and is available on the market within the listed country’s licensed supply chain.

How do you manage work/home balance? During the pandemic, adjusting to life working from home was initially unsettling, as my daily routine changed. This is because I am used to travelling frequently and not use to spending prolonged periods working from home. However, this is becoming increasingly more normal with Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls being the backbone of my day.

What is your favourite aspect of working for JensonR+? My favourite aspect of working at JensonR+ is having a supportive team around me, with extensive knowledge in different areas of Quality. This team also includes other RPs, allowing us to collectively share information and experiences.

How do you relax after a day at work? What are your hobbies? To relax, I currently utilise more remote meeting software, and have remote workout sessions and quiz nights with friends.

Chloe Child
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