A Day in the Life of our
Graduate Regulatory Affairs Officers 

Name: Fran Ward and Natasha Barrow

Job Title: Regulatory Affairs Officer

Describe your role: We’re both Graduate Regulatory Affairs Officers and have been working for JensonR+ since November 2020.  I would say in terms of our roles, for now we’re still very much learning as we go. We both have begun supporting the other regulatory members in different tasks and getting to grips with what projects and client work is going on. Both the external training, looking at basics of EU medicine regulations with TOPRA and the internal training, diving into GMP and Medical devices, have helped expose us to the range of work that can be done within regulatory and in Jenson as a whole.

What is your favourite task?
Natasha: Because we work with clients, pretty much every task is different. However, I think my favourite part is engaging with clients, and understand the direction they want to take their business with. I enjoy adapting my regulatory understanding to meet the clients needs and their wider concept of the business.
Fran: I agree with Natasha, it’s interesting seeing how  different regulatory strategy is applied for different clients.

How do you manage your workload?
Fran: I’m definitely a list/table person and I like to review each morning and afternoon what I want to complete and what I have managed to do that day. I’ve also found the quick calls to Kathryn, whom I work closely with, to be really useful for deciding the urgency of tasks and the bigger plan for the months ahead.
Natasha: Very similar to Fran, I like having a to do list and crossing it off during the day. I find it useful to write my to do list the day before, and then adapt it depending on the incoming tasks.

What challenges do you face in in your role?
Fran: I have been both working in the office when I first started and working from home during the second ‘lockdown’ and have found that getting used to not being able to simple turn around and ask someone a question when I’m confused or stuck on something to be harder. However, teams is a life saver and everyone’s always available for a quick chat so I’m getting used to it. Although I’m looking forward to everyone being back in the office!
Natasha: I find the variety of work from clients challenging but it is also what I enjoy most about the role. Currently we are building up our technical expertise, while also finding new and innovative ways to adapt it to the clients needs. This is challenging in itself because it relies on first comprehensively understanding the regulation, then adapting it, the interpretation tends to vary sightly every time!

How have you found adjusting to the pandemic?
Fran: It’s definitely been a weird 2020 and also very worrying for friends and family. But I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy and look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, which hopefully the COVID vaccines will speed up!
Natasha: Originally, I found it quite difficult, I think the pandemic has raised some cultural challenges but I also think its redefining how we socialise and communicate. Before the pandemic, I wasn’t really a texter or caller but now I consciously make an effort to check in with others by messaging and calling. I also find a lot of comfort in researching COVID-19 and understanding the Public Health policies in place. By understanding the disease at a deeper level, I think it’s easier to accept the social changes we have to endure (i.e. lockdown) and be more optimistic about the future, as we now have three vaccines!

What is your favourite aspect of working for JensonR+?
Fran: Everyone has been really friendly and supportive both in and out of work, which for myself has been important in making Devon feel more like home since moving down from the Midlands.
Natasha: My favourite part about working for JensonR+ is definitely the culture! Everyone here is friendly and approachable, which is exactly what you want as a Graduate trying to find your feet.

How do you relax after a day at work? What are your hobbies?
Fran: I usually enjoy playing netball or tennis or trying out a new sport to relax.  However, with the current situation I have been going on more walks to explore the local area and enjoying evening facetimes with friends!
Natasha: I’ve recently started blogging and find it to be a great creative outlet. I also really enjoy cooking and use this to switch off after work.


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