What will I learn at this Webinar?

Hear some of the facts around Vitamin D and it’s role as a supplement in all of our lives.  The webinar will address:

  • Does vitamin D fall into the category of what we classically know as a vitamin?
  • What is the best form of vitamin D for us, and how much and how often do we need it?
  • What is the best/safest way for us to obtain vitamin D?
  • What does it actually mean when we are vitamin D deficient/insufficient/sufficient, and what can go wrong if our levels are low?
  • Is the attitude to vitamin D the same globally, and in particular what are the UK recommendations?
  • What are the ramifications of recent government directives reducing NHS access to maintenance doses of vitamins?
  • Why are professional athletes often taking higher dosages of vitamin D?

As well as the opportunity to hear some facts about Vitamin D you can take part in a question and answer session.

JensonR+ Limited as patrons of MedilinkEM, are running this webinar as part of our Food Supplement Special Interest Group networking meetings. We look forward to seeing you online.

Medilink EM Webinar

Understand the facts behinds the headlines. Good nutrition and exercise have a positive impact on immune function.

This free to attend webinar will be held as part of the INSTILS programme – a project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund

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Janet Worrell