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Last month I had the opportunity to visit Badenweiler. A small spa town close to the Swiss/German border. The reason? to attend my first Regulanet® conference, as a network partner.

I have often been asked why I returned to an office based job, after years as a successful independent consultant? I honestly enjoy working with people and the people at JensonR+ are some of the best. JensonR+ is a joint venture partner of the Regulanet® network, that was conceived 20 years ago by Jürgen Regenold.

Within the blink of an eye, years roll past and I find myself once again In Jürgen’s company, at the 20th Regulanet® conference he is hosting. I meet face to face some of the professionals I have had the opportunity to work with for the last 10 months. The irony of Britain leaving the European Union on the day I network with many, many Europeans is not lost on me. I feel sad but need to provide advice and guidance on the months ahead. We all need to continue to work together even if not bound by the same rules.

Jürgen was and remains a voice of reason and support as Boots Healthcare International expanded its product range and geographical spread. I know I speak for many within Regulatory Affairs who enjoyed collaborating with him.

The conference is three days in length during which time I meet colleagues I have not seen for 14 years and the conversation resumes. I learn more about the power of networking (a no-brainer for me) and the personalised feel of the Regulanet® network.

I return home, the benefit of the Spa waters having refreshed me, the benefit of a network reinforced within me and new collaborators to work with. A tiring but rewarding week.

Relationships I hope will be the thread that will continue to unite us as we find the way ahead in the new world the politicians have created for us.


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Janet Worrell