Advances in technology at JensonR+

Reflecting on 2022, it was a year of great change for JensonR+. We bid our goodbyes to some fond friends and welcomed a whole host of new and exciting talent to our ranks. JensonR+ also experienced a technology revolution in many departments, with further improvements planned for the coming months.

Significantly, JensonR+ partnered with Agile Communications to evolve the MI and operations teams. Previously, teams had used mobiles or landlines for external calls which BC (Before Covid) had served their purposes sufficiently.

The adoption of 8×8 to replace this working practise has enabled more effective and efficient communication both internally and externally, particularly for remote workers. The additional functionality of 8×8 facilitates all members of MI to seamlessly transfer calls and provide additional cover to enquiry monitoring via a call queue. Patients, HCPs and clients all benefit from the faster, clearer communication that 8×8 has enabled.

Further exciting upgrades to MI are on the horizon, most notably the development of a new medical information database. Instead of sourcing a vendor for this software, JensonR+ is utilising in-house technical expertise to build a custom-made solution. This bespoke application will be designed to meet the evolving needs of the department and is a prime example of the innovation and pragmatism that is synonymous with JensonR+.

On the topic of databases, October 2022 saw the rollout of the PV department’s brand-new Global Safety Database. Faced with new legislation from the EMA requiring ICSRs to be submitted in E2B (R3), JensonR+ quickly partnered with Clinevo Technologies to collaborate on the most significant upgrade to the PV department since its conception.

Competent authority gateway integration has enabled more efficient triage of cases and vastly improved submission practises – ensuring strict compliance to competent authority submission timelines. The revolutionised case processing means more detail can be captured, outputting significantly improved signal management activities and ultimately leading to more accurate risk/benefit analysis for patients.

A huge amount of work went into this project, with Senior Quality Officer Charles Matthews spearheading the validation with support from the excellent and knowledgeable team at Clinevo.

Elsewhere in the company, Breathe HR was rolled out to all staff enabling effective oversight of annual leave and tracking of personal objectives for professional development. Also, many departments have moved away from server-based data storage and have taken the leap to Sharepoint for their document management. By allowing users to work on documents simultaneously, enhanced collaboration and efficiency has been observed across the board.

The speed at which these projects have developed is testament to the benefits of SME agility. Where a big pharma company may take years to implement new system changes, consultancies like JensonR+ can roll out new software to adapt to client requirements and ever-changing regulatory regulations with relative ease. So, watch this space, the iterative process of improvement is sure to continue with teams working continuously to advance their working practises.