WEBINAR: Are your promotional materials compliant?

Brought to you in partnership with Medilink Midlands, JensonR+ Director James Hall along with Senior Regulatory Officer Mihai Inceu, are to host a free-to-attend webinar that will highlight the importance of ensuring your promotional materials are compliant with industry codes and adhere to legal guidelines.

From websites, conference collateral, digital/printed ads, audio-visual material through to prescribing information; promotional copy requires a technical review in order to prevent violations of industry codes and to ensure that legal guidelines are followed.

Our expert team work with you to make the promotion and launch of your product a success. They provide both medical and regulatory review and certification services for promotional copy through our team of registered copy approvers. We can review your promotional literature, advise you on campaign strategy and key messages, and obtain regulatory approval through pre-vetting where necessary.

Join us for this free-to-attend webinar, which provides an overview of the expertise that JensonR+ can offer in the following areas:

  • Prescription-only medicines
  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Cosmetics
  • Food supplements
  • Medical Devices
  • Events and conference compliance
  • Proofreading services

19 APRIL 2023

Book here
Book here

JensonR+ Director, James Hall

JensonR+ Senior Regulatory Officer,
Mihai Inceu