ASA x Instagram: New Video Series Empowers UK Advertisers to Shine Bright and Stay Compliant

In a recent campaign, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) joined forces with Instagram and five content creators to increase awareness of the ASA system. Donna Castle, Director of Communications & Marketing at ASA, underscores the importance of these videos in promoting awareness among creators and businesses.
ASA x Instagram

The goal of the collaboration is to enlighten those who may not be familiar with ASA’s work. Each video in the series focuses on a theme, such as clearly disclosing ads, avoiding misleading messaging, or being upfront about the price of goods or services.

ASA is on a mission to ensure that all advertisements are not only legal but also decent, honest, and truthful. The Instagram partnership aligns with the ASA’s five-year strategy: AI-assisted, Collective Ad Regulation. The collaboration aims to inform consumers following content creators of the ad rules in place and the expectations they should have regarding fair treatment and avoidance of misleading information.

This partnership benefits creators and advertisers on Instagram and contributes to fostering responsible online communities. By leveraging Instagram’s strong association with influencers and advertising, the ASA is bringing the ad rules to a new and wider audience.

Check out the videos on the following Instagram accounts: @thatswatson, @yourboymoyo, @fatstimbo, @simplysayo, and @shesnotfunny.

Are you familiar with the code of practice? Do you understand the clauses relevant to advertisements, and are you aware of the applicable trade associations and regulatory authorities?
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