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The ‘Borderline Products’ area is a complex interface between potentially many different legal definitions of product types, for example medicinal product, medical device, cosmetic or even a food. The legislation in place leaves open questions as to what category a product may fall into. Our team is comprised of leading experts in Borderline Products to help you navigate this maze. We are used to working in this area to help drive your strategy and ensure compliance against the product claims you wish to make.

The first step is often just a call to understand your objectives and from that point onwards we can take care of the problem and provide the solution. From generating the relevant data and populating your technical files to advising on labelling and essential information we will help you untangle the complex regulatory framework and help you deliver a compliant product.

Borderline Products
Head of regulatory affairs
Janet Worrell
Head of Regulatory
Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer
Ben Smith
Regulatory Manager
Mihai Inceu
Mihai Inceu
Senior Regulatory Officer

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