Introducing Sharon Cullen

2024-04-09T14:57:35+01:00April 12th, 2024|

Earlier this year, JensonR+ welcomed Sharon Cullen, our new Qualified Person/ Quality Lead based in our office in Longford, Ireland. We had a chat with Sharon to find out a bit more about her career so far and her aspirations for the future.

CSV Part 5

2024-03-18T09:09:17+00:00March 7th, 2024|

In Part Five of this series on Computer Systems Validation, Neil Rudd discusses Impact and Risk Assessments - what has to be included, what can be left out, and importantly how to reduce the time and effort required at this stage, while still ensuring all compliance and business considerations are included.

Making Pharma 2024

2024-01-22T14:54:59+00:00January 30th, 2024|

We are delighted to be attending Making Pharma 2024 on 23-24 April at the Coventry Building Society Arena. Find out when you can see GDP Manager Darrell Collett presenting on Changing the Quality culture of a business.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

2024-01-18T15:36:03+00:00November 9th, 2023|

While manufacturing and supply chain diversity can be enablers of product availability, increasingly complex supply chains lead to interdependencies that can introduce systemic quality/manufacturing risks impacting supply chain robustness. Find out how we can support you.

The Importance of GMP

2024-01-18T15:33:56+00:00November 2nd, 2023|

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations are in place to respond to tragic circumstances from our past and prevent them from happening again. Laws concerning the production of medicines are in place worldwide to protect the patient. However, as reported today, executives at a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Indonesia have been prosecuted after a failure with tragic parallels to the Sulfanilamide Disaster in 1937.

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