CBD and the latest developments.

Our last Special interest Group (SIG) of the year is all about Cannabidiol (CBD). Its been an explosive new kid on the block. Within the space of a couple of years, CBD ingestibles have transitioned from a lightly regulated consumer product to potentially being classified as a narcotic and banned from the shelves of retail outlets in Europe. How did this happen and what’s the impact on the CBD industry? Its a journey with twists and turns. I am pleased that Greer Deal – Global Regulatory Services – will be here to guide you through this roller-coaster summary. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the session.  This is a free to attend event. Please click on the link to register and join us for a virtual webinar in October.

Free to attend webinar

Thursday 29 October 11am. Join us to hear from Greer Deal, an industry leader in CBD, on her views of the last two years of CBD and the potential impact to the CBD market.
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