The Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

Earth Day may have passed, but we should not lose sight of the need to protect and help the planet we all live on – our home.

In the UK there is a Private Members Bill going through parliament – The Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

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This was first presented in September 2020 and since that time has gained the support of many organisations.

The Bill in its essence sets out an emergency plan to move away from fossil fuels and reverse the destruction of nature and habitats. If adopted, it will place a duty of care on the Secretary of State to achieve the core objectives.

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We can all do our part ahead of any Bill to reduce our carbon footprint, to recycle and reuse and consider the impacts our actions have. All the small steps when added together make a big step to helping protect our home. So, make time to read the Bill and do your bit. One simple action such as picking up a piece of plastic from the beach or turning off a light or gadget all adds up.

Thank you.

James Hall
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