Connected by Christmas

If we’ve seen a theme this year it’s one of connection, from our company day to events attended. In this spirit — instead of sending Christmas gifts to clients — we are giving to local charities on our clients’ behalf.

Boxes of kindness

ChemoHero is both close to our Barnstaple office and close to the heart of JensonR+.

Thinking about what the patient needs at their first chemotherapy session, before they know themselves, was conceived by one of our heroes. Lisa Wallis. Lisa won the Pride of Britain West Country fundraiser of the year award in 2019. In 2020, she also received the British Empire medal for her voluntary work.

Boxes of kindness were born out of Lisa’s firsthand experience of what helped with her own side effects. Over 40 items go into each box tailored to support chemoheroes during their treatment. Most are fundraised, some donated, and some are sponsored. We are sponsoring items for this.

Each box has a value of £80-100 but that doesn’t count the thought that goes into every item.

The useful and luxury items range from practical pill pots, drinks and snacks to entertaining games and colouring books. The selection of items is everchanging to surprise patients and to accommodate feedback and new ideas.

From the first box being packed at the dining room table, they are now packed by volunteers at local premises. All fundraisers get the opportunity to pack a box. This keeps that community feel which Lisa strongly believed in and which is true to ChemoHero’s roots.

The boxes are delivered by staff at the Seamoor Unit, North Devon District Hospital at the patient’s first chemotherapy treatment session. They’ve recently delivered their 2000th box!

Santa’s helpers

We have also donated our time to accompany the Round Table Santa Sleigh and jingle collection buckets. The sleigh spreads a bit of festive cheer throughout the community and raises vital funds for local charities including ChemoHero.

It’s a wrap
We wish our clients a really fantastic Christmas!