Coronavirus: What’s it like to start a new job when working remotely?

Meeting your new team and being shown round the office is one of the biggest parts of starting a new job.

But how does it feel when everyone is working from home?

Luke joined JensonR+ in September 2020 when the majority of the team were working from home.

Luke Brobyn joined JensonR+ in September 2020 as a Quality Officer having worked for over a decade in Quality Assurance & Control within the food industry.

Starting work during a pandemic meant that Luke had to get to know all of his new colleagues purely online. Luke wasn’t daunted by this though.

“Joining Jenson during the COVID-19 Pandemic was seamless for me. A world in turmoil and uncertainty, it felt natural and like JensonR+ had been operating like this for a while. I was really impressed how everything came together, equipment, contracts and supplies all delivered without missing a beat.

From a more intimate perspective while joining during COVID-19 Pandemic, I felt apart of the team immediately. Everyone was so supportive and kind, it was mind blowing. Hand on my heart, I have never felt like this while joining a new company. JensonR+ has people at its core and you really feel it from the first moment.

To me this speak volumes as I’ve met everyone remotely from home. Sometimes video chats can be odd, disconnected, and awkward. But not with Jenson, if you can convey this type of warmth and friendliness over video chat you know it is special. It is not taught, it is grown and cultivated”

Within the Quality team Luke acts as Co-ordinator for Client Quality Systems, and provides essential support to the company Management Team, Responsible Persons and Project Managers, ensuring compliance and Quality standards are met.  Luke’s first visit to the JensonR+ Barnstaple office proved to be an equally positive experience.

“While I am very anxious of the current climate of the pandemic, along with the new cases in England currently climbing again*, my first office tour was great. There was an oddness of not shaking new colleagues and your bosses’ hand and keeping 2 meters apart. Social distancing and COVID-19 measures are slowly picking off layers of tradition and social interactions. Distilling an ominous uncertainty when one could argue is usually exciting time of a new starter. I dislike to use the trope of “New normal” but this was my first interaction inside an office space for 6 months and with plenty of COVID- 19 procedures and guidance in place, it felt like the “New normal” vibe but it was a positive experience. Now in world of video chats, teams meetings & working from home you could feel very isolated, I don’t feel like that with all the support from my colleagues.

I feel very lucky to be chosen to work for Jenson”.