COVID-19 has caused massive disruption to the transport industry with the number of passengers travelling between mainland UK, as well as Northern Ireland, and the EU is, at this current time, greatly diminished. This has caused the freight routes to lose revenue and therefore the services have been reduced in-line with the lower returns. Subsequently the extensive freight routes are no longer being operated so frequently and there is a chance that international freight movements could be disrupted, effecting company supply chains.

However, the UK government has now confirmed an investment of £35m in order to protect vital supplies that use these freight routes. With up to £17m (from UK government and the Northern Ireland Executive) specifically for the 5 sea routes between Great Britain and Northern Ireland throughout the pandemic.

The UK Government, along with the French and Irish Governments, have announced their joint investment in the sea crossings to safeguard the supply chain for vital supplies including pharmaceutical and healthcare products, helping to increase the capacity of supplies able to be transported throughout Europe.

Additional investment for the rail network and road network within the UK has been pledged by the government to support the economic recovery and also continue to increase infrastructure needed for transportation. This will allow a number of companies and government agencies to make available their large fleets of vehicles for tasks including moving emergency patients and supplies to where they are most needed.