JensonR+ sponsoring CubJam 2023

We are very proud to be sponsoring CubJam 2023 – a week long opportunity for Cub Scouts from across the UK to come together for some ‘jamboree’ style fun, reminding them that they have much in common with each other, no matter their background or where they are from. CubJam aims to give them a taste of the adventure that lies in years to come.

cub scouts

CubJam was born after a regional camp held in 2001. From there, Bob Cooper and Steve Hall from Hertfordshire Scouts led a team to deliver a test county cub carnival camp in 2003 which then led to five more highly successful CubJams. At CubJam 2019 there was around 1100 Cubs from all over the UK and Europe as well.

The theme for the 2023 CubJam is “Ancient Civilisations”, with each contingent representing a civilisation to represent.

JensonR+ CEO Sarah Ware has first hand experience of the event as her son attended CubJam 2013. Sarah said “CubJam is a great event and I feel that getting kids involved in things like this really helps them. In 2023 there will be around 1500 cubs for all over the UK attending so a great opportunity to join together and meet new friends. I’m proud that JensonR+ will be playing their part in supporting this lifetime experience for young people”.