How can JensonR+ help you?

We offer expertise in the development of Active Pharma Ingredient (API), medicinal products, medical devices, foods, traditional herbal medicines, cosmetics and borderlines across multiple presentations and dosage forms.

We can support any part of your process and we can manage your entire development. We would like to talk to you, and we will listen. We aim to understand your objectives, your aspirations and your ultimate goals.

We use forensics, knowledge and experience to challenge your thinking and to guide you where you need it. We make sure nothing is missed so that your project is fit for purpose and delivered ‘on time’.

We achieve this by calling upon our wide range of in-house technical experts. Our team has successfully developed products from concept through commercialisation and beyond through post-marketing.

If you like what we do, we will appoint a skilled and experienced project manager who will become an extension of your own team. They will support you and act on your behalf.  We work with, and coordinate, a series of preferred suppliers to provide outsourcing solutions, from API suppliers to manufacturers, CROs and laboratories.

Talk directly to one of our experienced team

Matthew Burton
Medical Devices and Technical Manager