Are you blindly following your Sat Nav?

A few years ago a lady in Belgium took an amazing 1,800 mile detour when blindly following the instructions from her Sat Nav. It took her through six countries before she finally reached Zagreb in Croatia and realised her error.

Despite crossing several country borders and noticing the language change on road signs she continued her way for two days. Family and friends became concerned. Her original intended destination was 38 miles away from her home – the station where she was to pick up a friend.

She reportedly said, “I was so preoccupied I did not question the Sat Nav and followed the route displayed”.

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As humorous and mad this incident maybe we should pause and reflect on the learnings and implications of following blindly what we perceive to be the right route.

How often is a plan followed and not outwardly questioned or concerns raised?

How pre-occupied are you in the detail that you loose sight of the final objective?

Regulatory strategy, corporate strategy, or even life goals, can follow a similar trajectory if not frequently checked and reappraised. Have you a clear understanding of the destination, outcome, time and cost?

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