JensonR+ & The Dragons’ Den

Everyone is familiar with the Dragons’ Den TV show. Highly passionate companies, entrepreneurs and individuals pitch to a panel of skilled marketing experts for their help and support.
Dragons Den

The dynamics and psychology of the programme are very interesting. If we take a second to look at those pitching a set of common themes comes to play, namely:

  • They are 100% committed to their product
  • Recognise they need help, guidance and mentoring
  • Have a respect that the feedback will be honest, open and a true partnership will form
  • Ambitious to succeed and embrace learnings, acknowledge they must give things away to ultimately grow and that success is not just around the corner.

The Dragons on the other hand see those pitching and thinking…

  • Are they true to themselves and are they a partner they want to do business with?
  • How much passion, drive and dedication is there?
  • Is it innovative, exciting, a game changer?
Dragons Den
Dragons Den

The characteristics of a Dragon:

  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Have knowledge, experience and the tools to help
  • Are open to new possibilities
  • Think outside the box
  • Deliver the feedback in an open, honest and constructive way

Life and industry are not a TV show and we don’t all get five minutes of fame at primetime to make that pitch. This need not stop those in the healthcare sector from reaching out and looking for support and guidance to reach their potential and that of their product.

JensonR+ is if we can be so humble, a  “Dragon”. We see opportunity and value, give guidance, share knowledge, think outside the box to problem solve and are just as committed to seeing a positive outcome as our many clients are to their products. Their success is our success.

Our Dragons are experts in Medicines, Medical Devices, Quality and Distribution,, Food & Cosmetics and Pharmacovigilance activities. We may not be on the TV but we sure can help.
If you’re interested get in contact at and welcome to the Den.
James Hall