Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming increasing popular in the Pharma Industry so if you are planning an M&A activity or looking to build your portfolio then JensonR+ can help.

JensonR+ offers a Due Diligence service to pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions wishing to invest in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.  We have extensive experience in both these areas and are able to offer in-depth technical support in your merger and acquisition evaluations.

Our team of experts can use their in-depth knowledge to evaluate facilities, dossiers, data, quality systems, pharmacovigilance systems and markets to ensure compliance and identify gaps and risks.

So, what do we do?

JensonR+ will perform a Gap Analysis and will advise you on which documents you should be requesting, if they are not available in the Virtual DataRoom (VDR).

We will review the available data and alongside reassurance of compliance of products, Marketing Authorisations and manufacturing sites.  JensonR+ can also provide insights into how existing products could be developed further.

A report will be created and provided to you detailing the full evaluation of the products and manufacturing processes, whilst highlighting any risks and issues. Where possible we can provide guidance on how to resolve or prevent these issues.

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So, what experience do we have?

Our previous due diligence activities have included:

  • An investment company acquiring a European healthcare company
  • A pharmaceutical distributor acquiring new healthcare products
  • The acquisition of a medical device and cosmetics company
  • Healthcare companies acquiring new products
  • Various acquisitions of healthcare companies by other healthcare companies
  • An investment company acquiring the UK and Irish businesses of a global healthcare company
  • An investment company acquiring a global healthcare company
  • A non-UK healthcare business acquiring a UK branded generics company
  • A private equity company wishing to acquire a UK based pharmaceutical company
  • Supporting the sale of a UK pharmaceutical company
  • An investment company wishing to acquire a multi-national drug substance manufacturing supply chain
  • A private equity company wishing to acquire a drug substance manufacturer
  • An investment company acquiring a subsidiary healthcare company including a manufacturing site

These due diligence experiences have included the review of documents uploaded to a VDR as well as on-site review of documents and on-site audits.

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