How can JensonR+ help you?

Looking to build your portfolio? Are you planning merger and acquisition activity? Worried your dossier might contain gaps?

Our cross-functional team offers a wide variety of due diligence services in mergers and acquisitions, and is carefully selected to investigate and deal with requirements in your countries of interest. Our team of experts can use their in-depth knowledge to evaluate facilities, dossiers, data, systems and markets, ensure compliance and identify gaps and pitfalls.

Our services include reviews and assessments of:

  • All regulatory matters, including dossiers and their potential

  • Regulatory resources (staff, equipment, and expertise)

  • Product supply, including GMP and GDP aspects and audits

  • Product portfolio and pipelines (gaps, competitors, development plans, etc.)

  • Product portfolio continuation and valuation

  • Risk/opportunity assessment for product portfolios

  • Market access to other territories

  • Growth strategies

Through our regulanet® network, we have access to local experts in over 90 countries. These experts carefully consider the requirements for each of the topics listed above, including local needs and/or requirements for existing or potential products and marketing authorisations.

Sarah Ware
Chief Executive Officer

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