Engine Diagnostics

Some of you reading this will remember “Haynes Manuals” on car maintenance. They covered everything from changing a bulb, the oil filter replacement to a near engine rebuild. The car engines compared to those of today were simple, accessible and anyone with the right tool could have a go and keep it maintained. As with everything you also sometimes made things a whole lot worse and wished you’d taken it to the garage in the first place!

Medical Information service

As engines and cars have become far more complex, the Haynes Manuals may be relegated to history and car services are now the domain of garages and technicians. Specialist software diagnostics is employed, and the tools are also specialised. The days of working under a bonnet to get a tuned, efficient running car yourself is rare.

The regulatory environment is no different. Dossiers have moved from being paper based and hand paginated to infinitely more complex structures. Their content and the regulatory pathways to building that content and subsequently maintaining them as a commercial product can be a minefield. Clear direction and specialist tools to do so are required.

If you are tinkering under the bonnet and feel you require the diagnostics approach a specialist consultancy, such as JensonR+ can help. We aid in the strategy; the maintenance by fixing faults before they become running issues and can also give you a regulatory MOT.

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James Hall