Updated Advertising Guidance from CAP

On 23rd June 2023 the updated Advertising Guidance on Environmental Claims by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) was published.

The Guidance now considers the Advertising Standards Agency’s position on misleading environmental claims and social responsibilities.

Marketers must consider how knowledgeable their audience is likely to be and deliver claims with a clear explanation. There will be a clamp down on terms such as ‘greener’ and eco-friendly’ without full substantiation.

Claims based on future goals should be based on a verifiable strategy to deliver them and the whole environmental impact of a company should be considered before making ‘green’ claims.

Medicines, supplements and other health related products have not typically focused on sustainability, but as consumer demand for green products is growing rapidly, it is likely to take a more prominent role.

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Should your company wish to make environmental claims, you must be accountable that these are not misleading.

Accurately and openly demonstrating that you are on a credible path towards net zero or other enterprising goals, can support that you are telling a balanced story and may provide your companies with a competitive edge.

Read the full guidance here
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