Navigating Compliance in Pharmaceutical
Meetings and Events

Compliance is a critical aspect of meetings and events (M&E) in the pharmaceutical industry. However, it should not stifle the essence of the content. With a comprehensive understanding of the event compliance landscape and collaboration with subject matter experts, your events can run seamlessly.

Here are some key considerations:

Adhere to Code Requirements

The pharmaceutical industry has numerous code requirements for events. Utilising an event copy approval service or an in-house team can ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.  Get your meeting itinerary, collateral, venue choices and sponsorship reviewed.

Understand the Risks

Non-compliance can lead to reputational damage and financial penalties (yes you can be fined!). More importantly, it can compromise public safety—the ultimate goal in pharmacy.

Be Transparent

All spending is open to public scrutiny and must be fully disclosed. As a company, you should be comfortable with the perception created by your choices. Remember, reputation is key!

Partner with an Experienced Agency

Working with a reputable pharmaceutical events agency can make a significant difference. These agencies should have experience in sourcing suitable venues, creating appropriate itineraries, and managing budgets—all in accordance with the code and legislation.

Focus on Educational Content

The primary objective of pharmaceutical external meetings, symposiums, events, and exhibitions is to foster collaboration and education. Ensure that the essence of the meeting and the itinerary align with this objective to prevent it from deviating into a ‘Jolly’ that fails to meet the code’s requirements.

While compliance is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry, it should not hinder innovation or overshadow the primary goal of educating and collaborating. With careful planning and adherence to guidelines, pharmaceutical events can successfully achieve their objectives while maintaining a positive reputation.

Are you familiar with the code of practice? Do you understand the clauses that are relevant to pharma events, and are you aware of the trade associations and regulatory authorities that are applicable?
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