A quick summary of the guidance

Hand sanitising products generally fall into one of three categories:
1. Products primarily used to clean, protect, and condition skin or any other cosmetic
enhancement while providing a secondary antimicrobial effect, such as a liquid
soap, solid soap bars, sun lotion and moisturising hand creams. These are classed
as a cosmetic product.
2. Products primarily claiming to kill germs, disinfect or sanitise using an active
antimicrobial ingredient such as the hand sanitisers used in hospitals. These are
classed as a biocide.
3. Products specifically used as surgical scrubs for use in operating theatres and
products which make claims to treat and / or prevent infection associated with
specifically named pathogens. These are classed as medicines.

Placing hand cleaning and sanitising products on the UK market

This guidance is intended for businesses that are new to the manufacture or import of hand cleaning and sanitising products.
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Janet Worrell