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The Health Food and Food Supplements sector is a rapidly growing industry, with consumers looking for alternative approaches to health, often through nutrition. The market is being populated with a wide variety of products, offering classic vitamin and mineral sources or more and more innovative herbal supplements. The regulatory framework can be daunting, often changing, and easy missteps can place the product in the wrong category and make the product presentation be misleading or non-compliant. Depending on the country, manufacturers are also required in many cases to go through notification processes, which require submission of technical documentation, before any marketing activity can begin.

The JensonR+ team is available to assist you from product concept stages to market access and post marketing challenges you may encounter. Our experienced team will be able to provide practical solutions for Health Food and Food Supplements product development and ingredient selection, label presentation, placing on the market, commercial barriers, regulation interpretation or questions regarding the correct product category, including novel status.

JensonR+ will work closely with Trade Associations and the wider regulanet® network to cover global markets and provide tailored services based on your business needs, ensuring compliance alongside a strong marketing opportunity.

Our expertise covers a wide range of product categories, including common Food and Fortified Food, Food Supplements, Food for Specific Groups & Medical Food and Novel Foods.

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