The Holiday Career Path

The careful planning and prep that goes into planning, booking and organising a holiday can be intense.
You want the best location, the best weather, activities for all, fun and above all, those two weeks you’ve worked hard for could be one of the main highlights for your year and make lasting memories.
Medical Information service

A similar mindset goes into planning a meal with friends. You want great food, good ingredients, a choice of food to make it accessible for all tastes and dietary needs. Not disappointing anyone is one of your key priorities so you pull out all the stops to make it a success.

Take those same energies and emotions and now think of yourself. When was the last time you seriously sat down and tried to build the playbook of your life? Have you a bucket list, have you a career plan, what do you really want to do and what is stopping you doing it?

A career choice is one of the most important decision you make and often people drift through without influencing their pathway. You need to progress and expand your horizons and seek what drives you. Being a consultant is a dynamic role and very varied. No day is typically the same. Thinking outside the box to problem solve and seek solutions through what others may see as a maze is just one skill set we call upon in our roles.

So, thinking of that carer change and now drawing up that bucket list – today is a good day to start. Be selfish for an hour and think of yourself.

JensonR+ is always open to hearing from anyone who thinks they could make us part of their career journey and realise their full potential. Drop us a line along with your CV and let’s open a discussion.

“A boat is safest in the harbour but that is not what it was built for”.

James Hall