Who are MedilinkEM Patrons?

Our Patrons are a group of prominent regional organisations who make a valuable contribution to the Life Sciences sector.

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MedilinkEM’s new Patron – JensonR+ Limited

JensonR+ Limited are proud to become Patrons of MedilinkEM. We see networking within our local community as part of our makeup. Expect to see and hear more from us as we look forward to working with MedilinkEM in 2019 and beyond.

Who are we?

JensonR+ is a technical consultancy with a simple mission; they aim to promote better health through simplifying the journey from innovation to the marketplace. We achieve this through offering wide-ranging services to cover the full product life-cycle, from concept through to launch and beyond.

Our specialist team is experienced in regulatory affairs, product development, quality assurance, drug safety, medical information, copy approval, project management, training and market access. They can provide support at all levels, from strategy through to administration, which allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific needs as your company moves from innovation and development to the market place.


Janet Worrell