Building Collaborative Skills: JensonR+ and Regenold Working Together

It’s been over six months since JensonR+ and regenold GmbH joined forces after 12 years of working together as lead members of regulanet®, the world’s leading network of development, regulatory and market access experts.

collaboration noun (WORKING WITH)

Definition: the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.
JensonR+ and Regenold collaboration

JensonR+ and regenold GmbH moving forwards together

The collaboration between JensonR+ and regenold GmbH improves efficiency and offers access to a wider range of resources, expertise and knowledge. It’s exciting times right across the organisation as skills and experience are shared.

Here’s how our teams have been working together so far this year.


One regulatory resource, incorporating a wide set of skills and experience, across the whole regenold group means that we can provide a single service offer to our clients.

The team at regenold are experienced in the use of new eCTD publishing software, Docubridge that was introduced at JensonR+ this summer. They supported us in the set-up and trained our team in the intricacies of the software so we were ready to start in September working within one system across the group. This offer is now led by Neil Prideaux within the JensonR+ team.

CE Plus, the medical device division at regenold GmbH, offers regulatory services for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. They also offer legal manufacturer and representative services in these areas through another subsidiary, NEXTEC Medical GmbH.

Collaborative working has resulted in the introduction of NEXTEC Medical UK which was launched in June and is led by JensonR+ Regulatory Manager (Medical Devices), Tom Wood and offers representative services in the UK, providing a one-stop connection for clients wishing to sell medical devices across the European continent.

JensonR+ and Regenold structure

Founded in 2001 by regenold GmbH, regulanet® offers services to a wide variety of national and international healthcare and pharmaceutical clients.

regulanet® is a network of independent regulatory affairs consultancies with representation in over 90 countries throughout the world. The services offered by members include all aspects of development, regulatory and market access in their respective countries.


The closer links with our colleagues in the PV team at regenold mean a stronger joint service offering which allows for greater client support and work sharing. It is an exciting time, and we expect much to be achieved as well as gains within the wider regulanet® network. This collaborative work will benefit all our pharmacovigilance clients.

PTR Pharma Consulting based in Portugal is also a subsidiary of regenold GmbH and we’ve been supporting them with their PV system. It’s been constructive for our pharmacovigilance team to share their knowledge and experience in supporting others.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality team have been working with our regenold colleagues to develop a subject matter expert matrix for key quality-related activities and has developed a harmonised approach to Computer Systems Validation (CSV) which will support requests from our clients as well as internal projects.

The team have also shared their knowledge through the regulanet® network to support UK clients in Germany and had the opportunity to share quality audits and audit schedules with our colleagues at regenold.


Earlier in the year, our Associate Director, Operations Tanya Rowe and Finance Manager, Shane Sankey spent time at the regenold office in Badenweiler, Germany and closely examined finance operations across the organisation. Several opportunities to collaborate more closely were identified and these innovations are moving forward.

Pictured L-R: Jurgen Regenold, Bernie Schuler, Kevin Sedelmeier, Elena Ramos, Luisa Regenold, Tanya Rowe, Shane Sankey.

The future for JensonR+ and regenold GmbH – working as one

In the pipeline, there are many other initiatives being worked on working jointly and our clients and employees will benefit from these opportunities. We look forward to seeing what the next six months, and beyond, bring for this exciting collaboration.