JensonR+ Connected – our annual company day

On Wednesday 11th October, the JensonR+ team came together in Bristol for our annual company day.


As well as spending time together as a team, the company day is an opportunity to recognise, honour and celebrate individuals across our organisation for going the extra mile to make a real difference.

Our Core Value Awards are based on our brand values and are presented to team members based on nominations from their colleagues and recognition for their overall performance.

The afternoon was spent on a collaborative team-building event organised by the Wildfire Events Agency.

The JensonR+ team’s creativity and problem-solving abilities were tested in creating a one-of-a-kind chain reaction, with an explosive finish!

Each team needed to build a different contraption using the equipment provided. In order to complete the whole task, the teams had to communicate effectively with each other in a large collaboration, ensuring the contraptions were linked properly.

We already can’t wait for next year!