JensonR+ Connected – our annual company day

On Tuesday 13th September, the whole JensonR+ team came together in Bristol for our annual company day.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic we’ve been unable to all meet up in person for over two years so it was a welcome reconnection for some and for many of our new team members, it was their first opportunity to meet their colleagues face-to-face.


The day kicked off with our keynote speaker, Suzie Lavington author of The Art of Brilliance. Suzie is on a mission to dial up people’s happiness and show them that their potential really does stretch to infinity and way, way beyond.

Suitably inspired, our CEO Sarah Ware talked to the team about what their potential means for JensonR+ and how we can harness that commitment.

Head of Regulatory Janet Worrell also presented on the timeline of vaccines and work within our Regulatory team.

JensonR+ Connected was also a chance for the Directors of JensonR+ to recognise, honour and celebrate individuals across our organisation for going the extra mile to make a real difference.

Winner – June Gacquin
Runner-Up – Rebecca Liversedge
Runner-Up – Tanya Rowe
Runner-Up – Ben Smith

Our Core Value Awards are based on our brand values are presented to team members based on nominations from their colleagues and recognition for their overall performance. The Leadership Team then meet to determine the winners.

Integrity – Claire Crewe
Teamwork – Kathryn Vale
Innovation – Mihai Inceu
People – Karen Bradshaw

Social activities rounded off the day with our team showing their competitive sides with Brigid Quinn, Miahi Inceu, Paul Quinn, Sarah Ware and Sarah Parsons coming out on top in the darts competitions!

Great feedback from the team who all really enjoyed the day.

Mihai Inceu: “The get together was most likely the biggest highlight given the fact that so many of us are new and scattered between 2 offices and a few remote workers. The friendly competitive darts game gave us a chance to chat in an informal manner and just build a friendly connection to everyone.
I liked the bingo bit as well as it made us track every person in the room to discover certain traits or information about each other.
Janet’s presentation was fantastic because it pointed out an incredible piece of work done within our company that not everyone knew and which can only be celebrated internally due to contractual circumstances.

I really appreciated the way awards are given out (non biased) as every nomination was taken into consideration and it was an equal chance given to everyone nominated to win.

This is the friendliest group of people I ever worked with. The recruiter definitely didn’t exaggerate”