What does JensonR+ and the Red Arrows have in common?

The Red Arrows are a high-performing team in more than one sense of the word.
They are undeniably the definition of what high-performance teamwork is all about.

One of our company goals is “Strengthen our team with a focus on collaboration and accountability”.

So, how does the Red Arrows relate to JensonR+? Let’s take a few moments to dig into the dynamics of the team here:

We may not fly a jet plane or wear red flying suits, but we do have more similarities with the Red Arrows than you may first have thought.
Like the pilots, we rely on each other, and have a common goal with a clear plan and one overall leader. As we continue the journey with this corporate goal, we remain committed to taking ownership of our responsibilities and learnings from both successes and challenges.
We will create an environment where everyone feels respected, and empowered to share ideas, leverage diverse perspectives, and contribute their unique skills and knowledge to achieve common objectives.
James Hall