JensonR+ unplugs for techtimeout Tuesday

The team from JensonR+ recently took some time offline and enjoyed screen-free fun for this year’s techtimeout Tuesday.

In a day filled with meetings and screentime, we are proud to promote digital wellbeing in our workplace and encourage our employees to enjoy a healthier relationship with technology.

What is techtimeout Tuesday?

techtimeout Tuesday is the UK’s digital wellbeing awareness day and JensonR+ joined hundreds of organisations across the UK to promote a better tech/life balance.

Excessive screen time can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing with the average UK hybrid worker reportedly spending more than 12 hours per day looking at screens.

techtimeout Tuesday aims to raise awareness of the negative impact of screen time on our health and wellbeing, including burnout, anxiety, poor sleep, neck and eye strain and inactive lifestyles, helping people to enjoy a healthier relationship with technology.

techtimeout Tuesday at JensonR+

techtimeout tuesday was filled with fun as the team took part in XXXXXX.


If you’d like to find out more about digital wellbeing and join in the techtimeout tuesday fun next year, visit