Looking back on 2023
A message from our CEO, Sarah Ware

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s certainly the case for 2023. Where has the year gone? It’s been busy that’s for sure! But before we wind down for the holiday season, I thought I’d reflect on our high points from the last 12 months as we prepare for another busy year.


Our most valued and key asset at JensonR+ has and always will be our people. We’ve continued to promote the philosophy of encouraging our team to find their work-life balance and follow their interests. It was with this in mind that we offered our team a contribution towards a day out to enjoy with their friends and family. It was lovely to see what everyone got up to – from visits to the Albert Hall, local attractions, and beach days to extra treats on holiday and wine tasting.

We managed to bring our teams together again in October and it was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all our successes and praise our achievements.


Our team all have a responsibility to act honestly, fairly, and responsibly always. Not just in their work environment but also by supporting our local community and through our Giving Back initiative we’ve been busy volunteering with charities and other causes or organisations including shopping, gardening, painting and DIY, bucket collections, race marshalling and helping at a local food bank.

In the summer, our Wellbeing Focus Group organised a Big Team Challenge to get us all up and moving and encouraged a bit of friendly rivalry in the offices. Amazingly, we reached our target of covering the distance from London to Everest Base Camp with 9 days to spare in our 6-week challenge. As a recognition of everyone’s efforts, we donated to charities chosen by each of the teams.

Our Sustainability Focus Group continue to champion the integration of sustainable practices into all aspects of our lives. Most recently they reviewed our mileage for 2023 and we donated £5 per 500 miles to the Seed to Sapling campaign run by The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.


Throughout 2023, we have implemented a range of new systems across the organisation and are always looking to refine and improve our processes to provide the best service to our clients.

We utilised the technical expertise we have in-house to build a custom-made medical information database, invested in HubSpot CRM platform so we can focus even more on our clients and implemented a new regulatory intelligence database which gives us instant access to regulatory insights and real-time updates from authorities across the globe.

JensonR+ and Regenold collaboration


Earlier in the year JensonR+ and regenold GmbH joined forces after 12 years of working together as lead members of regulanet. This collaboration improves efficiency and offers access to a wider range of resources, expertise, and knowledge. It’s exciting times right across the organisation as skills and experience are shared.

I’d like to take this opportunity to offer our amazing team, my thanks and admiration. Despite every pressure placed upon them, they have delivered time and time again. I appreciate each team’s resilience, constant collaboration, and hard work.

As Christmas approaches, we will be taking time to pause and reflect, to rest and spend time with friends and family, and we hope you can as well.

I want to personally wish you a restful, peaceful, and joyful Christmas and a great start to 2024! I look forward to working with you next year.

Sarah Ware
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