Looking forward to 2023

Whilst 2022 continued to be a year of challenges and changes, it was also a year of celebration and collaboration. We saw the company meeting all together in person for the first time since the pandemic, lots of new employees and clients joining the JensonR+ team, and a continuation of relationships developing internally and externally.

Throughout it all, we ensured that we kept our core values at the forefront of our actions and looking forward to 2023 the company continues to be guided and driven by them


Our most valued and key asset at JensonR+ has and always will be our people. Promoting the philosophy of encouraging our team to find their work-life balance and follow their interests. Giving individuals the ability to choose their own pathways, embrace work positively and most importantly feel valued.

With our team get-together was so successful it was a great reminder that celebrating our successes and praising our achievements is important to JensonR+.


JensonR+ and its employees have the responsibility to act honestly, fairly and responsibly always. Not only does this mean in the work environment but also supporting our local community and raising awareness of areas that need further support.

Alongside this, we monitor our impact on the environment through our working practices and looking after our employees and focusing on all-round wellbeing.


Innovation is integral to JensonR+ and the pharmaceutical industry. Bringing creative solutions to challenges, anticipating change and striving to champion new ideas. Whilst we are looking for opportunities and growth as individuals and the company, we have robust processes and continue to keep compliance and efficiency. We have implemented a range of new systems across the organisation and always look to refine and improve our processes to provide the best service to our clients.


JensonR+ strive to encourage teamwork not just throughout project teams and departments, but through the whole company. Allowing everyone the ability to reach out and to anyone for guidance or a listening ear.

2023 is the time to drive increased collaboration through our clients, our clients and our partners within Regulanet.