How can JensonR+ help you?

The hard work you’ve put in does not stop once you are ready to launch a product. Your team continues to work to build market share and product availability across all the relevant sectors.

Market Access knowledge is a critical factor for achieving this commercial success. It is a partnership of pricing, creatives and execution of a market access strategic plan.

JensonR+ has extensive knowledge of the legislative and regulatory landscapes which controls the promotion of products across the varying sectors, be that medicine, device, food, cosmetic or general product. We are here to help and provide guidance and technical support. We do this skilfully and swiftly to ensure your brand has the best chance of commercial success.

The services we employ comprise:

  • Pharmacoeconomics and pricing/reimbursement submissions to the relevant bodies (including NICE, AWMSG, SMC)
  • Formulary inclusion
  • The control of advertising and promotional activities by way of a controlled database and logging system
  • Undertake regulatory review to ensure compliance and Medical assessment for formalised sign-off
  • Regulatory guidance on naming and branding
  • Partner you with wholesale, distributors and salesforces to widen the exposure of your product and so increase sales
  • Obtain expert certificates for product access to developing markets and obtain the required legalisation
  • Set up and maintain distribution channels and trade margin structure
  • Select partners to build your product portfolio
  • Fill commercial gaps through in- and out-licensing activities
  • Local country support for market access implementation through our network, regulanet® throughout the world.

Market Access does not stop there. JensonR+ can offer services whereby we launch under our name and so allow access to the UK and Republic of Ireland markets. Talk to us about all possibilities as we work to provide solutions.

From a regulatory platform we will partner with you to gain Marketing Authorisations which we can then transfer back to you for onward commercialisation when the time is optimum.

Some countries require a Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) prior to launch. Our expert team is skilled in obtaining and coordinating these.

Our Quality Team are able to arrange importation of products made outside the European Union and we can act as your Marketing Authorisation holder within the European Union, to help address your business needs. This includes warehouse and distribution.

With offices in both the UK and Ireland, JensonR+ is well placed to advise on all Brexit-related matters that may impact market access. We can help by providing full pharmacovigilance services, including QPPV cover, EU batch release by a Qualified Person and regulatory and market access cover.

We would like to talk to you and we will listen.


We aim to understand your objectives, your aspirations and your ultimate goals.