Mathew’s first 180 days at JensonR+

In December 2021, we welcomed Mathew Barnes to the JensonR+ team and now 6 months on, we’ve asked him to talk us through the process of finding the opportunity, applying and settling into the company.


After 3 years at the University of Bristol and after submitting my last essay, I had no idea what was next, like most graduates I quickly jumped onto LinkedIn and began scanning through a vast array of different jobs and opportunities not knowing what I was looking for. All I did know was that I did not want to work in a research laboratory but wanted to find an opportunity which still allowed me to apply my scientific knowledge I had developed while studying Biomedical science.

After wading through LinkedIn for hours I finally came across the Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance role at JensonR+, after further research I noted the position checked all the boxes of what I was looking for: something in the scientific sector, something which would require me to draw on knowledge I had built up during university and something which was not in a lab!

Not only had I found a role for which I could apply what I had learnt at university, but I had also found a position which required some key transferable skills I had picked up at seemingly irrelevant previous summer jobs. In particular I noted that working at Tesco and building up experience speaking and dealing with customers came in incredibly handy when answering the Medical Information phone to speak directly to enquirers. Being courteous, listening and trying to understand what the customer needs are all transferable skills that were incredibly handy in my new role and goes to show even jobs you take just to tie you through university can become surprisingly just as useful as your degree knowledge in subsequent positions after graduating.

Having now worked as a Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance Officer for almost 6 months, I believe the highlight of the role is the variety of tasks you can find yourself doing each day. This can range from analysing literature articles for important drug safety information to answering calls from enquirers on a variety of different medicinal products and even writing a blog post for your Company’s Insights and LinkedIn page!

For those who find themselves wanting to break into medical information and/or pharmacovigilance sector I recommend trying to find a role at a company like JensonR+ where you are given the freedom and even encouraged to explore and work across different projects and departments. This really helps to find and narrow down what you enjoy and feel confident doing, and in my case gives you a greater understanding of all the steps and processes involved in both Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance and how they closely intertwine with one another.

Thanks to Mathew for sharing his experience and we hope it helps others starting out in their career. We’re very glad that Mathew found JensonR+ – he’s a great asset to our team!