Medical information  – A vital service

Medical Information or “scientific service” is a multi-dimensional role which encompasses a wide range of various tasks and can act as the first point of contact for the identification of important drug safety information such as adverse reactions and product quality complaints. The medical information service is therefore crucial for any pharmaceutical organisation and fundamentally acts to provide scientifically based factual information to healthcare professionals and patients.

The role of the medical information officer is a specialised one and requires dedicated staff who are able to provide accurate, and non-promotional data in a time sensitive manner. They ensure those receiving the information have all the facts necessary to  allow patients and HCPs to use medicines correctly and above all safely.

Communication and the clarity of that communication is one of the core strengths of the team. These forms of communication can be verbal or written so a well-versed team is key in ensuring the feedback is  accurate, informative and concise.

Being empathetic, showing understanding yet being tactful, and being able to listen and understand the requests and questions of the enquirer  are just some of the skill sets required for a medical information officer.

Medical Information service

As the role of compliance for companies grows year on year, the linkage with Pharmacovigilance to ensure suspected adverse events and signal reporting is of critical importance and a keen awareness of these parameters is vital in the interaction with persons outside of the company.

Companies have roles and responsibilities as Marketing authorisation Holders so one of the objectives of the medical information function is to satisfy these requirements by having processes and capabilities in place. Pharmaceuticals are becoming more and more complex as seen in their composition but also the disease states which they treat, and their wider “off-label” uses. The increasing intricacies of pharmaceuticals as well as greater public knowledge surrounding medicines which has been fuelled by expanded public access to scientific sources such as SmPCs and PILs, has therefore facilitated a growing complexity of medical information enquiries.

Medicine information is more than just a backroom service, it is a vital communication tool between you and the end user.


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