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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, a week dedicated to taking some time to both raise awareness generally of mental health and also encouraging us to take a moment to reflect on our own mental health.

How are you feeling at this moment, are you stronger than ever, hopeful that things are getting back to normal, or are you faltering or struggling a little perhaps?  Awareness week give us the permission we sometimes deny ourselves, to focus on how we are doing, fully encouraging us to take a moment if we need it, precious within the general scheme of busy lives, but so very important.

Here at  JensonR+ Holdings Ltd we are dedicated to raising the profile of mental health, to supporting our colleagues and encouraging open and confident conversations.  As well as engaging with opportunities to make everyone aware of the importance of mental health.

A hard year for many, some may have experienced mental health issues for the first time or seen those they love struggle with such. This week we recognise a chance to step up the fight for mental health and make time for you. With a team consisting of runners, walkers, water babies, cyclists, sports enthusiasts, nature, plant and pet lovers we are not shy about spending time in the great outdoors and making the most of our beautiful surroundings. Embracing this year’s theme of nature, its replenishing and calming influence we have decided to celebrate our outdoor adventures by asking everyone to contribute a photograph, audio file or video to our Connected Gallery.  Nature encourages us to be present in the moment and fully connect with our surroundings and can be so beneficial and vital for our Mental Health.

From our shared images we can celebrate the beauty we are very lucky to have around us, our experiences and the joy it brings.  Very excited to watch our gallery grow and share some stories of our adventures, whether sprouting seedlings to river rapids, bird song to sandcastles, we celebrate the restorative power of nature and the outdoors.

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If you find you are struggling at all, please do reach out to someone, you’re not alone and connecting with another can make all the difference.