What’s going on with the backlog?
A quick summary of the key take-homes from the MHRA Established Medicines Clinic webinar.

Please note this is JensonR+’s interpretation of the feedback from the MHRA.

On the 16th of November 2023, members of the JensonR+ team attended the MHRA Established Medicines Clinic webinar. Here are some key points that the team at JensonR+ gathered:

Task and Finish Group:

Status and Objectives of the Task and Finish Group

  • The task and finish group remains active.
  • A subgroup within the larger group is dedicated to established medicines, aiming to enhance current practices and explore alternative approaches.
  • The group successfully made strides in reducing backlogs, but they acknowledge that the reduction did not meet the required level.

Backlog (Marketing Authorisation Application’s and Variations):

Status of Meeting Statutory Timelines and Marketing Authorisation Application Backlogs

  • They won’t meet statutory timelines for 2023 due to unforeseen challenges:
    • Higher volume of submissions than expected.
    • Resources in summer redeployed to support clinical trial application backlog.
    • Training new assessors takes a lot of resources.
  • Considering ‘Interim Milestones’ and additional metrics for enhanced visibility.
  • Planning to recruit 25 new assessors planned to address resource challenges.

Target Assessment Period and Backlog Details

  • Hope to meet statutory timelines for new Marketing Authorisation Applications in 2024.
  • Information on the backlog of UK Marketing Authorisation applications in the ‘Established Medicines’ category is not specified.

Assessor Assignment Timeframes and Quality Assurance Checks

  • Slower assessment due to clinical trials assessors leaving.
  • If a company has unusual delays in Quality Assurance checks; MHRA recommends direct communication to the agency for this to be reviewed.

Current Status of Type IA Variations and Concerned Member State Cases

  • Type IA variations on track to be cleared by the end of the year.
  • Focus groups established to target backlogs in Concerned Member State variations.

Type II Variations and Variation Query Response Times

  • Type II’s are being picked out to ensure medicine supply.
  • Delay time will be looked at and will be published. Typically talking a few months (90-150 days to currently turn around).
  • Improved handling of the variation query mailbox backlog.

Other updates:

Regulatory Management System Update

  • First release of Regulatory Management System this will include a portal and eCTD management system for the MHRA internally.
  • New system live by March 2024.

Scientific Advice Meeting Timelines

  • Normal Scientific Advice Meeting planning times expected to resume by Q4 2024.
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