Our Core Values

JensonR+ has a strong Core Value set which leads the way in which we work and support our clients. These values consist of People, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

We have already looked at Teamwork so today we are going to focus on Innovation.


Personal definitions of innovation can vary greatly, from a strict focus of invention of new products to keeping your product/service relevant in the ever-evolving marketplace. Jenson’s view of innovation is to be able to help a client navigate through the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, whilst using new strategies and technology to its full potential to help minimise costs and provide the highest level service.

We bring creative solutions to challenges and strive on the complex situations that our clients present to us, looking for strategies and answers to navigate the situation. Our in-house Focus Groups collate our organisations suggestions for improvements or new areas at work; the teams then search for the best solutions to these queries. This allows JensonR+ to stay proactive, highlighting issues and new practices before they are required. We endeavour to anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes.

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