Our Core Values

JensonR+ has a strong Core Value set which leads the way in which we work and support our clients. These values consist of People, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

In the last few weeks we have looked at Teamwork and Innovation, but today’s focus in on Integrity.


The Cambridge dictionary’s definition of integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change”. That describes our organisations ethos; we believe in our core values and that we should not compromise on them.

We believe that integrity is the foundation of all relationships.  People have the responsibility to continually act honestly, fairly and responsibly at all times, whilst upholding the highest work ethic. We can achieve this by allowing open dialogue between client and JensonR+, keeping those methods of communication both formal and informal so that each can be used when the situation requires.

As an organisation we are respectful, honest and humble. JensonR+ operate transparently, ensuring we are able to keep our core values at the forefront of our working practices. We treat discussions respectfully and allow all voices and views to be heard.

Our aim is to listen, reflect and gain understanding in communication with our clients and employees; keeping our promises and commitments.



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