Our Core Values

JensonR+ has a strong Core Value set which leads the way in which we work and support our clients. These values consist of People, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

Our last blog focus, but most important Core Value is People. Our most valued possession and key asset.


At JensonR+ we promote the philosophy that people work more effectively when they are able to balance their dedication to the job, their families and their outside interests. This mix enables people to embrace work positively and enjoy the challenges during their working hours. We acknowledge those who exemplify our Core Values, rewarding and celebrating their commitment to the organisation.

We treat our employees experience and knowledge with the utmost respect and encourage sharing and cross-working to give our clients the best of our shared expertise. JensonR+ promote investing time and training, and promote self-directed learning from the employees, allowing our employees to discover where they feel they would be able to shine in the organisation.

JensonR+ endeavour to make people (employees and clients) feel valued and appreciated and consider that all opinions are welcomed, as this is the body of our Core Values.

Sarah Ware
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