Our Core Values

JensonR+ has a strong Core Value set which leads the way in which we work and support our clients. These values consist of People, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork. This working focus is especially important for the business in the continued circumstances surrounding changes in working due to COVID-19 pandemic.

In these series of blogs we want to show how our core values can benefit our clients and our employees.


We believe that effective working requires connected teamwork and dedication to support and collaborate with each other in achieving our corporate and client goals. We aim to integrate into part of the clients team to ensure communication is open and the working relationships are strong. Jenson find that this approach allows our employees to complete their best work and we can fit into your organisations ways of working seamlessly.

Our project teams cross all organisational levels to ensure no internal barriers and provide the best services we can whilst using our team to help us improve our individual knowledge and bounce ideas off. This allows us to come up with solutions to even the most complex of issues, meaning our clients get the best of our collective knowledge.

We celebrate our staff’s achievements, both in and out of the working environment and focus to make sure every individual feels proud of our work. As our clients become part of our team we celebrate their successes too.

We value openness and move to actively learn from feedback. We welcome all comments on our practices both internally and externally.

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