Listen to Mihai Inceu on the HBW Insight ‘Over the Counter’ Podcast

Recently, our Food Supplement specialist, Mihai Inceu was invited by HBW Insight to discuss herbal supplements on the acclaimed ‘Over The Counter’ podcast.

HBW Insight is the only one-stop source of regulatory, legislative, legal and commercial news and insight for the OTC drug, cosmetics and dietary supplement industries.

In the episode, Mihai talks with David Ridley about the challenges of innovating in Europe’s thriving food supplements market. Inceu highlights some of the issues companies face in putting new wellness products onto the European market, particularly if they want to make health claims for herbal ingredients, also known as botanicals. As well as giving good advice about how to avoid getting into trouble with regulators, Inceu also points to some of the latest trends in this dynamic consumer health space.

Mihai and the JensonR+ team are able to provide practical solutions for Health Food and Food Supplements product development and ingredient selection, label presentation, placing on the market, commercial barriers, regulation interpretation or questions regarding the correct product category, including novel status.

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