Finding your Perfect Pharmacovigilance
Outsourcing Partner

Finding your perfect partner is never easy. They need to have similar interests and views, be lively and you need to get along. The trouble is when you’re looking for a pharmacovigilance service provider, there isn’t the chance to go on that first date, enjoy a meal and then leave knowing the outcome was either a positive one or glad that was over.
So, how do you go about finding that partner and starting that all-important relationship?
Pharmacovgilance service provider

Here at JensonR+, our Pharmacovigilance team has a range of wonderful clients whom we have the pleasure of working alongside every day.
There is a strong relationship and bond between us, but how did this happen and what do you need to look for?

Firstly, you need to know that you’re stronger together and the first step is identifying and acknowledging that now is the time to start searching for that partner. You may have strong technical skills in-house but do you have a strong Pharmacovigilance knowledge? Outsourcing sounds scary as you are handing over control but it need not be. This is where a true partnership develops based on trust, skills, knowledge and knowing that the team has your back.

As with any partnership – communication, cooperation, consideration, and trust are key pillars.

Pharmacovigilance service provider

Like marriage vows, the backbone of any pharmacovigilance service provider’s process is a strong robust and audited system. At JensonR+. our systems and processes align with the legislation but importantly allow our clients to operate in their own way and in so doing we can ensure that the heavy lifting of pharmacovigilance is done by us, giving you piece of mind.

Clear communication and direction – we work with clear, accurate communication by way of SOPs, SDEAs and processes. We talk and listen to our clients to ensure the relationship is open and aligned. Frequent exchanges of information ensure transparency and very importantly, that each party’s legal obligations are met. Our QPPV oversees the function and works with you to ensure all is well in the PV landscape. This encompasses KPIs and other key metrics.
A strong, stable and open communication bond.

If you are going through a breakup with your existing pharmacovigilance service provider or partner we can be there for you, to transfer historical cases and then bring you happily home into our love and care.

To seal the relationship we have in place contracts and statements of work to give each party a clear understanding of agreed roles and responsibilities.

We’d be more than happy to talk and find out more about your needs.
Drop us an email at  and we’ll get back to you.
Who knows, we may be the perfect partner you’ve been looking for 💕
James Hall