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The aim of pharmacovigilance is the safer and more effective use of medicines for everyone. It involves all activities that relate to noticing, assessing, understanding, managing and preventing adverse effects of medicines for individuals and populations.

From the moment a marketing authorisation is applied for and throughout the life of a medicinal product, safety monitoring is an obligation.

JensonR+ have a dedicated Pharmacovigilance team with our own in house Qualified Persons for Pharmacovigilance (QPPVs) and deputy QPPVs situated both in the EU and the UK. The Jenson team will ensure you maintain compliance and that patient safety is effectively monitored for your products.

Jenson’s Pharmacovigilance team implement a fully validated safety database for managing your products safety profiles. We are able to design bespoke databases catering for the scale of your operations. For smaller clients with single clinical trials to global big pharma companies with a whole portfolio of products – the pharmacovigilance team can provide expert support for the management of your products.

We can provide a full pharmacovigilance service designed to meet the complex and changing needs of the global environment, for both medicinal products and medical devices.

We provide the following services:

Bioequivalence study – Sponsor and Monitoring function

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Post Authorisation Pharmacovigilance

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Medical Device Vigilance

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Pharmacovigilance Auditing and Training

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Named Patient and Compassionate Use Programmes

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Oscar Carter-Burns
Pharmacovigilance Team Leader

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