How can JensonR+ help you?

We recognise that every project is unique and each client has individual needs. That’s why we aim to manage your project with flexibility. Our broad client base, ranging from big pharma to virtual companies with bright ideas has given us experience in how to communicate and manage a wide variety of projects.

At the start of our cooperation, you will be assigned an experienced Project Manager, your single point of contact during the duration of the project. The project manager will act on your behalf, and help to produce a roadmap to success. They will assist your business to control budgets and meet timelines, add value through the knowhow and oversight of our experienced team members, and act as a central point of contact between you and the authorities.

We believe that communication is key in any successful project, and we will adapt to your communication requirements. In short, our project team will take your project from start to end, with minimal fuss and maximum output. Strategic project management is the key to success and we will help manage risk and seize opportunities.

We would like to talk to you and we will listen.


We aim to understand your objectives, your aspirations and your ultimate goals.