Regulanet Conference 2024

regulanet® is a network of independent regulatory affairs consultancies with representation in over 90 countries throughout the world. Founded in 2001 by regenold GmbH, regulanet® offers services to a wide variety of national and international healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. The members of the network provide advice and assistance on national and international projects and marketing authorisation procedures, including the decentralised, mutual recognition and centralised procedures within Europe.

The regulanet® network recently welcomed partners from 20 countries to the 23rd regulanet® conference. It was a particularly exciting conference for the JensonR+ team as it was the first time we have attended as part of the regenold group after joining forces in 2023. We enjoyed four days of exciting discussions, new contacts, lots of business development and many great ideas.

One week on and we’ve reflected on the conference and what we have each taken away from it. Scroll through to read more…

I have attended the regulanet conference most years since 2015 and is always a good conference. It has however evolved over the last 2 years into a really great conference.

Priority is given to ensuring that there is time to meet, discuss and collaborate with likeminded individuals and shape the future of how we work. It also helps that I love the location of Badenweiler, it feels a bit like my spiritual home as it is definitely somewhere that I feel relaxed, inspired and a sense of belonging. The food and wine is also great!

I was one of the moderators for the PV special interest group (SIG) and it was great to hear everyone’s thoughts on how we can enhance further to PV service offering within the network. It was also great to hear the feedback from the other SIG topics and there were some common themes identified. It was also great the hear about innovation within the industry and it is fascinating to hear how AI is really shaping the future. It blows your mind somewhat!

So for me it was a great 3 days in a beautiful place surrounded by inspiring people and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Sarah Ware, CEO

Attendance at the regulanet conference gives all members the opportunity to meet and learn from each other. The conference is set in the Kurhaus, just below the ruins of the Badenweiler castle and near the old Roman baths.

The nature of the conference has evolved over the last two years into a more collaborative approach, with special interest groups being set up to permit attendees with an interest in Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, Market Access or Food & Cosmetics to meet like-minded consultants with the aim of working together in the future and creating a stronger partnership and enabling the client to gain access to a wider network of experience and knowledge.

I was able to attend the food and cosmetics SIG, run by colleagues Mihai Inceu and Ramona Flörchinger. We were able to share a common goal and an agreement that this is a growing area for the regulanet network, to be able to support clients with faster moving consumer goods, than devices or medicines, as some client brands cross all of the regulatory categories and compliance is key. Each SIG was able to report back its findings with a general consensus that regular meetings would continue in 2024, and not wait 12 months before we all spoke again.

All attendees of these SIGs will receive access to a new forum to collaborate and exchange ideas. The name of which we can contribute to, following the conference.

Meeting new people and creating new ideas is both stimulating and exhausting in equal measure, the partners and members across the group are an enthusiastic bunch who enjoy meeting annually in the Markgräflerland at the foot of the Black Forest, in Badenweiler surrounded by forest, vineyards and meadows. It’s a special place.

Janet Worrell, Associate Director, Regulatory

The conference was set out over 3 days, the first day was the opening presentations which set the scene and helped adjust our expectations of the event.

The senior leaders in Regenold were extremely welcoming and it was clear they had a strong commitment to building trusting and collaborative relationships with all the network partners.

There was a talk on AI and its place within the pharmaceutical field, the presentation was informative and engaging. Leaving this presentation, I felt excited for the future and curious as to how AI will affect the Pharmaceutical industry.

After the initial presentation Regenold had arranged a lovely dinner with a well thought out seating plan to try and match people with common interests and within a wide array of fields. I was lucky enough to sit with a regulatory officer (Regenold), a Co-owner/Vice president of a US regulatory consultancy (Scilucent) and a board member of Jenson. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening that was well organised and resourced with wonderful food and drink.

The next morning was the highlight of my trip, I attended the Market Access SIG. Both Sarah and Janet had prepared me well on what to expect and how it was relevant to JensonR+. I was not prepared however for how relevant it would be for my whole profession, coming from a community pharmacy background this SIG bridged a gap between drugs seen within the healthcare sector and the Manufacturing and Regulatory processes.

Attending this session opened my mind and motivated me to get involved and be a part of the development of the sector within the network.

The presenters – mainly Adam and Eva were really engaging and very well informed.

After the Thursday session there was a wonderful meal followed by drinks in the cellar, this was a great opportunity to catch up with some of the people I had connected with in the days before and a chance to get to know my JensonR+ colleagues a bit more.

The last day was focused around presentations on China, Japan, and Switzerland. I enjoyed all of them, but my highlight was the Swiss Regulatory environment because it had direct relevance to a project I am currently working on.

My overall opinion of the conference is that it was a great event, and I would be thrilled to be able to attend next year.

Darrell Collett, GDP Manager

I attended the regulanet conference for the first time this year. The conference was meticulously co-ordinated, well structured and provided a wealth of information as well as the opportunity to network with new contacts and make face to face contact with existing contacts.

Prior to the conference I was given the opportunity to get to know my fellow participants, providing an invaluable opportunity to connect prior to the conference via Linkedin and was also invited to a SIG for Pharmacovigilance where I would provide GvP QMS input.  I was also able to set up meetings with my Regenold colleagues in Germany to discuss current Quality projects.  The agenda for each day was clear, and I was very much looking forward to attending.

Badenweiler as a setting is just stunning, even in the murk and mist of January it was really quite something, and the resort is so picturesque and unique – it was a real pleasure to walk from the conference location (Kurhaus) to the Regenold offices each day to meet with colleagues and fellow delegates.  The facilities within the Kurhaus were great, there were small breakout areas, plenty of rest rooms, refreshments all day and ample opportunities to sit and talk with other network members.

Day 1: I first met my Quality colleagues in Regenold, they were so friendly and it was invaluable to meet them face to face, we discussed the new JRP Learning Management System (Ideagen) and I was able to provide useful input to assist my colleagues with research and a suitability exercise they were conducting.  I also attended a meeting at the Regenold offices in the afternoon in regard to collaborative client work, shared between network members JensonR+, Regenold, Dada and Dextreg.  JensonR+ provided input from Regulatory, PV, Quality and Executive and it was a successful meet.  The afternoon provided the opportunity to network with Cisema and PTR consulting – where I met Catarina who I have liaised with frequently regarding PV process and we had a really insightful discussion on Auditing activities and knowledge sharing.  The evening brough the opportunity to network some more, and to enjoy the delicious food prepared at the Kurhaus.

Day 2: I was invited to attend the “Pharmacovigilance – collaboration across the network to enhance the service offering” workshop – this was chaired by Sarah Ware and Marcel Wollbrink.  It was a really useful and productive session.  Information and knowledge was shared, and the foundation for strong working relationships were formed.  I was able to input with ideas from a compliance approach and I found it really insightful and an opportunity to build upon my PV knowledge from a QA perspective.  In the afternoon I attended a great interactive focus discussion regarding “Legal representation offerings as a holistic service model” here I was able to apply the MA holding activities we provide at JensonR+ to compare to other network members.  The speakers were informative and encouraged participation from all attendees, it was fast moving and again produced invaluable output as to an oversight of knowledge sharing opportunity.  In the evening we ate delicious German cuisine, I sat with some really intriguing and fun people, the conversation was interesting and it was a real pleasure to dine with friends old and new!

Day 3: this provided thought provoking input from Cisema Ltd in to maintaining compliance in China, and CoreMed / A2 Healthcare Corp. into Global Drug Development Strategy in Japan – real learning opportunities for me.  The conference concluded with some input from Regenold Switzerland from a regulatory perspective, which is recently established.

The primary focus of the conference is Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, Market Access or Food & Cosmetics, however as a QA representative I found much useful and relevant subject matter that translated in my role within the JensonR+ organisation.  It was invaluable to reinforce positive relationships and in such a stunning setting.

Claire Crewe, Quality Systems Manager

This years Regulanet conference was set in the beautiful Badenweiler on the 24th to the 26th January. The event was very well structured to allow the participants time to mingle and network combined with scheduled talks and special interest groups to really dig deeper into specific topics such as Market Access, Pharmacovigilance and Food & Cosmetics. Badenweiler is an ideal location for such a conference- the small, quaint town allowed participants to wander from one conference location to another and take in the beautiful scenery while doing so!.

The conference itself was action packed, the itinerary full of opportunities to discuss topics relevant to the pharmaceutical industry and to allow participants offer differing views and opinions along with opportunities to collaborate and discuss ways of working that would benefit the Regulanet group as a whole.

The highlight for me personally – well there is two actually- the 1st being the “Pharmacovigilance – collaboration across the network to enhance the service offering” special interest group held on day 2 of the conference and hosted by Sarah Ware and Marcel Wollbrink. This group allowed me to meet my fellow Pharmacovigilance colleagues with the Regulanet group and discuss current work and ways of moving forward as a group that could benefit us all.  It was lovely to meet in person people whom I have being emailing back and forth the past 2 years. I am looking forward to seeing what the future hold for this group as I believe the is lots of potential for us to work effectively together over the coming years. My second highlight was the beautiful evening we spent in Markgrafler Winzerstuben, the meal was beautiful with lots of laughs and great company from fellow colleagues whom we met over the previous few days and also the experience of the now famous Cellar.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience in Badenweiler and look forward to the future within the Regulanet group.

Sharon Corbett, EEA QPPV
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