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Regulatory Consultancy

Regulatory Consultancy

Regulatory affairs is a complex field developed from the desire of governments to protect public health by controlling the safety and efficacy of products.
After the expenditure of product development, it is essential to ensure that you optimise the returns on your investment. This is where a well-structured regulatory affairs strategy and maintenance of positive relationships with the relevant authorities and regulators play a central role.

At JensonR+ our expertise in global regulatory compliance alongside a well-sourced network of regulatory professionals, enables us to understand and develop the most effective strategy for your product. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of complex national standards in the UK, EU and beyond. From conceptualisation to achieving market access worldwide, we are here to support the development of your regulatory strategy.

Our expertise spans various industries, including medicines, medical devices, foods, cosmetics and borderline products, offering comprehensive solutions for your regulatory affairs requirements.

Our Team

Specialised and experienced

Our specialist regulatory consultancy team comprises experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who offer comprehensive support in developing tailored regulatory affairs strategies. Our aim is to optimise the potential of your products within the best possible timeframe.

We are adept at reviewing existing dossiers for gaps and ensuring regulatory compliance, giving you peace of mind when evaluating or expanding your product portfolio.

We have experience working with both large multi-national organisation and smaller organisations. Our approach is customised, ensuring all of your specific needs are met.

Our Network

JensonR+ are in a unique position to help you as we collaborate with partners around the world as part of the regulanet® network. This partnership grants us valuable insights into the global regulatory landscape, ensuring a seamless transition of your product into the commercial market.

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Our Regulatory Services

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Ben Smith
Regulatory Manager (Medicines)
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Medical Devices
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Thomas Wood
Regulatory Manager (Medical Devices)
Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements
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Regulatory Manager (Food & Cosmetics)
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