From Seed to Sapling – How JensonR+ are helping to restore forests

Planting trees is critical to help tackle climate change and nature loss, especially in the Yorkshire Dales where woodland cover is one of the lowest in England. The shortage of suitable saplings to plant in the Dales, alongside a skills shortage in the forestry sector are hindering efforts to develop a landscape richer in trees, woods and hedgerows.
seed to sapling campaign

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While it’s very hard to quantify both the carbon emitted by the travel and the carbon absorbed by our (future) trees, planting woodland has many other benefits, including providing irreplaceable habitats for wildlife and peaceful places for people to connect with nature. In the Yorkshire Dales woodland cover is just over 4% – compared to the national average of about 9%. Diseases, poor management, and our increasing disconnection with nature, all place a significant threat on the valuable woodlands we have left.

The JensonR+ Sustainability Focus Group reviewed the data for mileage for 2023 to date for our team. We rounded this up and made a donation of £5 per 500 miles amounting to a donation of £220 to the Seed to Sapling campaign run by The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Our donation of £220 was doubled to £440 as it was made during National Tree Week (25th November-3rd December), the UK’s largest annual tree celebration.

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From the Seed To Sapling Campaign

“During National Tree Week every donation you make to our Seed to Sapling campaign could be doubled, helping us to grow native broadleaf trees from seed and empowering people to make a difference by planting them. Together we can grow something greater. Your donations will help ensure the right trees are available to plant in the Dales by creating community nurseries where native saplings will be grown from local provenance seed. Money raised will also support our specialist woodland traineeship, as well as providing the tools, skills and materials for community groups to set up their own tree nurseries.”

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This donation fits perfectly with our Sustainability Focus Group’s mission statement as it:

  • Engages colleagues in awareness of national campaigns and issues
  • Drives more sustainable business practices by highlighting the number of miles travelled
  • Helps to develop a sustainable mindset
Sustainability Focus Group Mission Statement
JensonR+ CEO, Sarah Ware says:

“I hope that this donation demonstrates our commitment to doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and I’m very proud of our Sustainability Focus Group for the work that they do to help our company find ways that we can make a difference. The Seed to Sapling project ensures the right trees are available to plant in the Dales by creating community nurseries where native saplings are grown from local provenance seed. The project will help establish three new community tree nurseries and provide materials and training to empower local communities to grow their own trees that can be planted in local woodlands”.